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Mission: To provide excellent, comprehensive care for Mexican children who come from vulnerable situations through meeting all their basic needs: a safe home, education, formation of values, physical wellness, emotional health, and spiritual development within the context of a loving family.

Vision: To promote virtuous change in the lives of Mexican children in order to influence future generations through Christ-like service to society.

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Who We Are

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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ranchito con Esperanza, a 24/7 care and protection of abused, abandoned and neglected children in Mexico. Our goal is to raise funds and support so these children can be shown love and a strong Christ-like character so one day they will be a productive part of society and help others.

Values & Beneficiaries

Respect - To show an attitude of honor and esteem toward all people, treating each person with dignity.
Honesty/Trustworthiness - To make decisions with truthfulness and sincerity.
Responsibility - To hold a personal commitment to carry out our obligations with excellence and to the best of our ability.
Compassion - To be aware of the suffering of others, extending a hand of love, help, and support where possible.
Forgiveness - To freely extend mercy by pardoning the offenses of others without harboring resentment.
Kindness - To do good to others, showing warmth and affection with consideration for their well-being.
Patience - To respond to adversity and long-suffering with hopeful endurance through faith and without protest.
Goodness - To conform our character and choices to express moral excellence and purity of heart.
Humility - To always show preference for others, putting their needs first, regarding them as more important than ourselves.
Diligence - To earnestly strive to achieve goals through hard work, perseverance and refusal to give up.
Perseverance - To maintain our mission with steadfastness and persistence in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement.

Mexican children who come from vulnerable situations.

LENAM, Inc. Board (US)

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  • Jesús Acosta, President
  • Jim Haynie, Vice President
  • Jim Cutshaw, Treasurer
  • Linette Nyberg, Secretary
  • Bill Armstrong, Chairman
  • Bruce Hermann, Member
  • Karen Hermann, Member
  • Scott Nyberg, Member

LENAM, A.C., Board (Mexico)

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  • Felipe Rosas - President
  • Gustavo López - Treasurer, Legal Representative
  • Ling Di Velázquez - Secretary
  • Dr. Amanda Villegas - Member
  • Juan Ramón Ortiz - Member, Legal Representative
  • Jesús Acosta - Legal Representative