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Ranchito con Esperanza has the great privilege of farming twenty acres on the outskirts of Camichines. The farm gives the children a place to work off energy in a productive, life-sustaining way, while teaching them life skills. Ultimately, we want to grow the farm so these children have a place to work and call home as they become men and women.

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We currently grow 15-20% of the food we consume in the form of:

  • White field corn (tortillas, cow feed, cobs for burning)
  • Purple 8-row corn (Corn on the cob and Pozole, a soup that is very popular in that area)
  • Nopales cactus (grilled, boiled)
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Cattle (beef)
  • Sheep (lamb)
  • Bees (honey)

In the very near future we hope to dig a deep well that could irrigate the land. This would allow us to expand the farm and grow 60-70% of our own food in the form of:

  • Expand cattle herd and improve quality by grass-feeding
  • Grow pinto beans
  • Grow fruit trees - mangos, mandarin oranges, limes, tamarinds, hibiscus bushes, oranges, avocado, etc
  • Grow vegetable plants - all varieties
  • Build greenhouse for year-round lettuce, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, etc.
  • Dig fish pond for fish in season and irrigation refill in the off-season
  • Build a chicken coop (chicken and eggs)

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