Ranchito con Esperanza (Little Ranch with Hope) is a casa hogar (children's shelter) licensed by the Mexican Government. The children we care for are rescued from situations of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Ranchito con Esperanza gives these children safety, shelter, clothing, food, health care and an education, all in the context of a family home where they can grow up with their siblings. Children are taught with respect and love. They are given comfort and a place to heal from the pain that has brought them here. But most importantly, they are shown the love of God and how to be overcomers in HIM.

Our greatest desire is to see these children heal, develop and grow into productive adults who glorify God in the raising of their own families.


Ranchito con Esperanza runs a school affiliated with a private school in Guadalajara. The children are taught by licensed teachers with the help of many volunteers who love the children very much. In this setting, the children receive one-on-one attention allowing teachers to tailor lesson plans and curriculum to each child's specific needs. Their Christian education is fully bilingual and provides music and art classes as well.


Ranchito con Esperanza has the great privilege of farming twenty acres on the outskirts of Camichines. The farm gives the children a place to work off energy in a productive, life-sustaining way, while teaching them life skills. Ultimately, we want to grow the farm so these children have a place to work and call home as they become men and women.
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